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Family-Owned Business

One Straw Farm began in El Guique, NM in 1996.  Inspired by The One Straw Revolution, Ric Gaudet attempted to learn from nature in order to create a bountiful and healthy vegetable farm.  After 25 years, Ric and his family are still farming, and still trying to blend an ecological approach to farming with earning an honest living and providing the highest quality produce, nursery starts, flowers and dried flower arrangements to customers in Northern New Mexico.

One Straw Farm is run by Ric Gaudet and his partner Tania Marines, with help from children Hannah and Luis.


One Straw Farm is an organic vegetable and flower farm located in the heart of Dixon, New Mexico.  No chemical inputs are ever used, and farm fertility is carefully managed through a series of crop rotation, cover cropping and composting.  We grow dozens of varieties of vegetables and specialize in growing premium quality lettuces, chicories, tomatoes, sweet peppers and garlic.  However, we also grow carrots, radishes, beets, an assortment of leafy and bunching greens, onions, eggplant, peas, green beans, basil, Persian cucumbers, summer and winter squash and various herbs.  Tania grows dozens of varieties of flowers and grasses for cutting and for work in her amazing dried flower arrangements.  See more of her work at  One Straw Farm also produces hundreds of varieties of organic nursery starts for home gardeners, and we have started producing amazing powders, made from our fresh farm produce.


Small Farms Provide for their Families and the Community

One Straw Farm is part of a growing movement of small-scale environmentally and socially conscious farms.  We provide fresh, safe, delicious food to hundreds of customers each week.  Our customers know about our organic and sustainable growing practices, and have confidence in our produce and nursery plants.  The farm is also an important part of our family.  Ric's daughter Hannah grew up tending vegetables and farm animals, and now, Ric and Tania's son, Luis, is beginning to help on the farm (when he's not too busy climbing trees and splashing in puddles).  We believe that fresh food from the farm should not just be for affluent people.  We try to keep our prices low enough so that most people can afford them, while still trying to make a living.

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